Monday, 26 April 2010

Salute 2010

Others have beaten me to it, but below are some photos from London's Salute show held on Saturday. For reasons I can't quite pin down, I was a bit underwhelmed this year. Perhaps it was because I had to leave early at 2.30pm to meet the family, or because I couldn't find everything on my shopping list, or because I thought the standard of games was not as high as usual (something I have heard others say). But anyway, Salute always provides an entertaining day out and the South London Warlords' organisation was, as always, top class (the queues to get in were absolutely enormous, but they moved quickly once the doors opened). Purchases included 3 boxes of Perry plastic Napoleonic cavalry (2 cuirassier and 1 hussar boxes - the latter will be converted into some AWI Hessians); some random Perry metal figures from various ranges; the "Crusader" ancients/medieval rules for my First Crusade project; some Renedra plastic tents; and, as a total "impluse" buy, a ready painted 25mm mosque (every table should have one in these multi-cultural times...). Talking of plastics, I was impressed by Victrix's new British Napoleonic artillery and delighted to see that the next Perry boxes will be mahdists for the Sudan and zouaves for the ACW - a photo of the 3-ups is above. Anyway, enough waffle, here are the photos.

First up is a 25mm AWI game by Uxbridge Wargamers, using Old Glory figures:

Loughton Strike Force's Busaco game. The fantastic terrain made by Richard Jackson was a deserving winner of the best terrain award.

The Perries' Wars of the Roses game:

Gripping Beast had a Viking civil war game:

Richard Gillingham won a prize for his Seminole War game. Small, but perfectfully formed and very evocative.

Honnington Wargames Group's Pegasus Bridge. This won best demo game.

Muswell Militia's Zama game won the "most impressive troops" award.

Oshiro Modelterrain had their Samurai display again. Unlike last year, this game was actually being played - an excellent advert for their wares.

Chemins de Feu had a very nicely presented Russian in Afghanistan game, "Red Hawk Down":

A few other games:

Last, but not least, South East Essex Military Society's Franco-Belgian border WW1 games:


Anonymous said...

Thanks Giles, some lovely camera work there.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wow! fantastic stuff there Giles!Excellent camara work and glad to see your in on another post!:-)


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Cheers for the pics Giles, hope to put on a Naps Game there next year.

Docsmith said...

Thanks Giles for the best collection of photos of Salute I've seen so far - great work!

It's my ambition to go to one of the top UK cons one day - the standard of the terrain and figures is simply amazing. The Seminole Wars game really looked like a steaming Florida swamp (which I have experienced!)

I also liked the look of the early WWI Franco-Belgian border game. Before it became bogged down in trench warfare, early WWI offers some tremendous movement, combined arms including cavalry AND, as you captured in your photo - the beginnings of air power - its got virtually got it all! (Still got some colourful uniforms for the figures too!)

Thanks again for the comprehensive coverage of Salute - hope you enjoy your Perry's hussars - waiting with baited breath for mine to arrive!