Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Long Island prep (3)

I thought I would try to post updates on what I'm doing for the Long Island game every Monday or Tuesday. I am trying very hard to stick to my "12 painted figures a week" a rule. This is my usual target, namely to finish 6 figures during Monday to Friday and a further 6 over the weekend. The latter batch is usually harder work to finish on time than the former and sometimes spills over to Monday. If I paint 2 hours a day on average during the week, I have 10 hours' painting time, which is a stretch to replicate at weekends. However, starting painting at 6.30am each day is paying dividends, and is making up time that I am losing in the evenings due to ever-increasing pressure at work (thank you XL, Lehman Bros., AIG etc). I have also been asked by the Kiwi to officially record her forebearance and understanding in allowing me to paint more at weekends than I would otherwise manage. I'm sure her need to spend time watching endless wedding shows on tv is completely unconnected to her indifference to me spending time in my painting room...

I am now half way through the Lossberg fusiliers. I started these last Monday and as at Sunday afternoon had the first 12 finished. I had forgotten what a total pain it is to paint Hessian drummers. I have made good progress with the next batch of 6, which I will start "blacklining" tomorrow morning with a view to having them finished on Thursday. I can then get ahead a bit on Friday with the last batch of 6 figures. That leaves next week for the Hessian artillery, and by the end of the month the Hessian brigade should be finished. I have also managed to sneak in a couple of extra figures, namely an officer and musician for the 3rd Light Infantry battalion. I was heartened to be reminded how quickly one can paint Brits in roundabouts and slouch hats. So I'm currently on target, and to be honest it's good to be painting Hessians again - they do look good en masse. The photos above are wip shots of the Lossberg fusiliers. Oh, and I need to finish that unit of militia!


Dave said...

6:30am????????? Why start so late?

Nice tactic re the TV. They will watch total drivel if left unsupervised. Mine will happily watch "Albania's next top model" if I let her.

Good luck with the painting.

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

That drummer figure is stunning!

legatushedlius said...

I'm glad you are keeping going, I am getting nowhere at present. I just can't paint anything but base colours under artificial light so anything complicated has to wait to the weekend now the days are drawing in.

Six during the week and six at the weekend is incredibly quick, especially given your high standard!