Friday, 12 September 2008

American ammunition cart (2)

I can't remember how I came to buy 2 of these carts, but they are nice little sets and I don't mind having a pair of them. They will both make an appearance at Long Island. I had intended to place all 3 foot figures on the one base, but there wasn't really enough space. The horse is supposed to be a "bay tobiano". Here is what an internet site has to say: "Tobiano is a pinto pattern caused by the T gene. It's a dominant gene; TT and Tt are tobiano, while tt is not. Tobiano can be distinguished from other pinto patterns because a tobiano horse has white that crosses its spine somewhere between the withers and the tail (topline), as if the white had been poured on from above. Tobianos also almost always have white stockings on all four legs; often the white socks blend into the white on the body. A solid-colored leg on a tobiano is almost unheard of." I'm quite pleased with the way the horse turned out, and I think the pink muzzle (which I saw on a couple of other photos) adds a nice splash of bright colour to the face.

Painted August 2008.


Andrew said...

very nice paint job indeed; if only I was as proficient.

By the way, who supplies these figures?

Giles said...

Hi Andrew

I should have mentioned - these figures are from Perry Miniatures. The pack is described as an ammunition cart for a 3-pounder.


ps, I love your own blog. Mind you, I have yet to meet a wargamer who doesn't enjoy cracking open a decent bottle...

Robert M. Courtney said...

Giles,what brushes do you use or recommend.I've tried Armory,and they're crap,if you ask me! Luckily,I stockpiled a bunch of brushes to last me awhile.


Greg Sapara said...

Truly outstanding Giles!

You are well on your way to providing a nice little reference source on horses for all the rest of us!