Friday, 5 September 2008

Henley's Additional Regiment

This regiment was raised in January 1777 primarily from recuits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. From May 1777 to March 1778 it was assigned to the Eastern Department. In April 1779 it seems to have been merged with Jackson's Additional Regiment, which was then re-designated the 16th Massachusetts Regiment in July 1780. The regiment was engaged at Monmouth and Rhode Island. Colonel David Henley himself seems to have been quite a character. Born in 1749, he served on the staffs of General William Heath and Lord Stirling before being charged with forming his regiment. In November 1778 he was appointed as Washington's Chief Intelligence Officerand set to work devising a system of recording intelligence in a meaningful and constructive way.

I have wanted to paint this regiment because of the rather fetching red and light blue uniforms. I finished it a few weeks ago, but couldn't decide on what flag to use. I tried to see if one of the Gostelow flags I have would be suitable, but in the end went for another Grand Union flag, if only because it sort of matches the colours of the uniforms.
16 figures. Painted August 2008. Flag from GMB.


Anonymous said...

As always, lovely job! How many more Regiments until you have done the entire war?


Robert M. Courtney said...

Very nice Giles,as always! I have a question about the photography,what kind of digital camera do you use,and what settings ? I just can't seem to get THAT close.I have a Panasonic Lumix with 24x and 6X optical zoom.5.0 megapixels.


Author said...

Hey Giles,

As always, great.

I did want to ask; any news on when the British army will get on parade, as your American army did a month or so ago? I, for one, am waiting with baited breath!

legatushedlius said...

What a perfectly splendid name for a regiment!