Thursday, 15 November 2007

Current wip

The AWI production line is at full throttle, but I have reached a posting hiatus whilst I finish basing the last couple of weeks' work. I managed to paint the 24th Foot in 8 days, and this 16-figure regiment is about 2 days away from being fully based (I actually finished them last Sunday, but varnishing etc has taken longer than expected). This evening I finished the final batch of my loyalist negro militia, which brings the completed unit up to 12 skirmishers. 6 are already based and I've included a rather moody photo of a couple of them so you can see what I've been up to. The figures are "maroons" from the Foundry pirates range. Below are two work in progress shots of the 24th Foot.

I've started work on the 2nd New Hampshire. It's already grown from a 16-figure unit to a 20-figure one, so it will probably take me the balance of the month to finish it. After that I have the von Bose Musketeers, 1st Pennsylvania and more Conquest F&IW figures. Latest AWI news is that the second scenario book for "British Grenadier" has been sent to Caliver for printing and I hope that won't take too long to be produced. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing how Trenton is handled. Talking of which, there is an Eureka Miniatures 100 Club request for a model of Washington crossing the Delaware on his way to attack Trenton - do sign up if such a set appeals (although admittedly it has little practical wargaming use). Other forthcoming Eureka goodies include Provincial Infantry for the F&IW. I signed up for about 50 of those figures and can't wait to see them. As with the other "F&IW" figures that I buy, some will find their way into AWI militia units. Hopefully by the end of the year Eureka will have formally released the SYW Saxons, at which stage I'll be able to show you how I have adapted some of them for service as AWI Brunswickers. December will also see the next release of Perry AWI figures; the latest edition of "Wargames Illustrated" tells me that we will have limbers and a couple more ammunition wagons. Just in time for the xmas wish list.....

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