Saturday, 10 November 2007

Civilians (7)

Meet the Duke family from Albany, NY. Bo and Luke are the local tearaways and have been the heads of the family ever since Papa Duke had that nasty encounter with the local Huron. As you can see from the way they hold their muskets, they are at their happiest when playing their mandolins; it's unfortunate for them that they were not born 200 years later, since they undoutedly would have been rock stars. Daisy Duke ensures she always wears the latest Parisien fashions, paid for by her brothers' illegal moonshine operation. When those three are off boozing and scalping their way across New England, Mama Duke does her best to keep young Pip and Puck on the straight and narrow. Alas, all the youngsters seem to want to do is to fire the odd pot-shot at the residence of the local British governor, Quentin Hogg.

These are most of the second pack of Conquest Miniatures' settlers. There are two others, the men of the family, who will be drafted into my next militia unit. Again, these are lovely figures and will be used for all kinds of things. Mama Duke and the kid who's running (and no doubt shouting something rather rude about the British) would look very good in the redoubt at Bunker Hill. Anyone wanted figures for a "The Patriot" game need look no further. The sculpting on these figures, the faces in particular, is first rate. Todd Harris is one of those rare sculptors who can really show age in a face - probably difficult to see from these photos (and those of the previous pack) but very noticeable up close.

6 figures. Painted October 2007.