Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The end of American Civil War week

So it turned out to be a month with a missing 4 weeks in the middle, but that was ACW week here at Tarleton's Quarter.  I wouldn't say that the ACW bug has necessarily been caught, but I enjoyed inspecting these units again and I am working on another regiment of Dixon Virginians.  I still have plenty of Dixons in the leadpile, so I will return to the period at some stage.  For the immediate future, however, I'm back at work on AWI stuff, and I'll post about some of that towards the end of the week.  To the left are some Dixon Miniatures casualty figures, one of which was painted back in 1998 and the others in 2013.  Something else I've been working on is a command stand for Jackson himself.  The photo below shows where things are at the moment.  Jackson himself isn't quite finished, and I keep changing my mind about who else to put on the stand - whether a mounted standard bearer, for example, or the foot figures I have here.  My thinking behind the latter is that the cheering figures would represent Jackson's popularity with his troops while the chaplain would represent his commitment to the Presbyterian faith.  I was intending to add a standard bearer with a Virginia flag as well.  Any ideas or comments welcome as I really can't make my mind up!  


Michael Awdry said...

More superbly painted work Giles.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Really some wonderful additions during the last days. Wonderful work, Giles!