Friday, 3 May 2013

South Carolina militia cavalry (1)

To keep the AWI ball rolling, this is a unit I painted ages ago but only finished off the other day (i.e. by painting the flag).  This is a unit of American militia cavalry that is designed to incorporate various smaller legions and regiments which joined together.   The "British Grenadier" scenario for Eutaw Springs, for example, has a unit of 8 figures in respect of "South Carolina State Horse", while the Savannah scenario has a unit of 6 - this regiment is supposed to represent this sort of thing.

The figures are, of course, from the Eureka Miniatures "ragged Continental dragoons" range, so the figures come with separate hats which allows you to mix and match.  Creating this sort of irregular look is exactly what the Eureka range is all about.  The uniforms followed plate 12 of Uniformology's Book 26 on Continental Light Dragoons.  From left to right, the figures in uniform coats are: Maham's Regiment (blue faced white), Myddleton's Regiment (trumpeter), Hammond's Legion (blue faced red) and Horry's Regiment (white faced blue).  All of those units contributed troops to the South Carolina militia.

The flag is hand-painted and is simply a generic South Carolina flag.  GMB do one just like this, but it's too big for cavalry.  The size of this flag (which some may think is still too big) is the same size as Adolfo Ramos' AWI cavalry flags.

8 figures. Painted September/October 2012.


Johnny said...

Nice figures. I especially like the horses. The brown and white mix looks totally natural. I've never been able to pull that off.

maciek said...

Beautifull figures as always. And it's nice to see that you reverted to AWI.

Dalauppror said...

Stunning unit !!!

Best regards Michael

Iowa Grognard said...

Nice to see that awi ball continue to roll. Awesome horses btw.

Phil said...

Great looking cavalry!!

Willie Anderson said...

Eureka do some great figures and have the ragged look down to a tee!
The hand painted flag looks great I think having it that bit bigger than actual scale works well.
Another great unit!!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I agree with Johnny the ponies look perfect. I also cannot do these properly.

Silver Whistle said...

A wonderful painted unit of horse Giles and the way you have done them, very versatile. There is a lack of flags I think for the horse in this period and will probably have to do the same as you and paint my own.
Keep those AWI posts coming.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

I really do enjoy the irregular look and these look just superb Giles! Your AWI is the tops!!


Mick said...

Great painting and I especially like the horses.

Schrumpfkopf said...

Again brilliant painting and very nice horse-colors too.

I was trying to contact you about using some of your pictures with painted Westfalia miniatures.

Please let me know if that's fine with you.

Kind regards,


Bluewillow said...

fantastic work Mate!

love the horses


Glenn said...

Really well done. Love these figures and all of your blog.