Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Regiment Gatinais

In addition to the Regiment Dillon, the Savannah scenario (in the second "British Grenadier!" scenario book) requires composite fusilier battalions of 16 and 18 figures respectively. This reflects the way in which elements from various regiments were formed together into ad hoc detachments. The notes to the Savannah scenario state that these detachments contained troops from the Cambresis, Champagne, Agenois, Gatinais and Auxerrois regiments. Therefore, when modelling these units you could paint up 1 or more stands from each of these regiments to recreate what happened in practice, or ignore that and field units of identically uniformed figures. I decided that for various reasons I wanted my collection to have several full regiments of French fusiliers, essentially to keep a large degree of flexibility in how I could field them. I intend to paint up 3-4 of the regiments mentioned above and then use various bases from those to form the composite untis required for Savannah (and other scenarios). I can then use the full regiments for "what if" games or larger scenarios.

So here is a battalion from the Gatinais regiment. The flag is the more colourful second battalion flag. I understand that the regiment had been stationed in the Caribbean since 1775 and a detachment went to America in 1779 with d'Estaing. The chasseur company in particular distinguished itself at Savannah, with most of its officers becoming casualties. The remainder of the regiment arrived in 1781 with Saint-Simon. The regiment again distinguished itself in the attack on Redoubt 9 at Yorktown, which the regiment's grenadiers captured with men from the Royal Deux-Points regiment. Apparently, Washington expressed his admiration of and gratitude to the French units by presenting the two regiments with the cannon which they had captured from the redoubt.

The flag is from GMB. I have seen references to the Gatinais flag being black and violet rather than the black and blue as shown here. I gather that Richardson in his Standards and Colors of the American Revolution states that the colours were black and marine blue, and presumably GMB followed this source. The figures are in the 1779 ordonnance uniforms, which is certainly wrong for Savannah and probably still wrong for Yorktown. However, Perry Miniatures only offer standing figures in the 1776 dress and I wanted more active poses for Savannah and Yorktown.

18 figures. Painted February-May 2011. Flag from GMB.


AD said...

Very nicely painted, and a great set of pics.

How do you get such nice, even lighting for all your pictures? (It's something I've had difficulty with.)

Andy McMaster said...

Lovely unit, Giles. I look forward to seeing the massed French at some point. They will look excellent!

Iowa Grognard said...

Gorgeous regiment, love the paint job.

Rodger said...

Absolutely wonderful. I am currently painting the Royal Deux-Points but I'm struggling with the white. Very impressed with the white on your fig's.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Sharp well-worn look to these chaps. The flag is magnificent and really brings out the color in the unit.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Your superb painting and the strong blue tones of the flag together have turned this into one awesome looking unit!


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Lovely flag and sharp painting on that latest unit, Giles. It's almost enough to give me an itch to paint another 80-figure unit of white-coated infantry myself. . . almost.

Best Regards,


Ray Rousell said...

Beautifully done!

Bluewillow said...

fantastic Giles,

I am trying to avoid collecting French for the AWI also.


Anonymous said...

Lovely work Giles on the French.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Just lovely - got to love those violet facings...!

Anonymous said...

Very nice paint job Giles.
Awesome rendering of this brave Regiment.
could you help me on the Violet facings with the base color,lights and shadows?,the look amazing.

Giles said...

Hello - the purple facings were painted using the Foundry "Royal Purple" palette. Thanks for your comments.


Anonymous said...

Ok Giles,it came up really nice.
I am working on representing this regiment but in 60mm figures,it will be a crazy amount of work,but i use your figures as an inspiration for my project.
Best regards

Sherkhan said...

Bonjour Giles.
At first, please excuse me for my poor english. Thank you for your work (I think that I have found new wallpapers for my computer's screen). Don't be ashamed for the uniform dress of the Savannah figthers: a soldier need a new uniform each year. They are wearing their uniforms (only 2-3 per soldiers, in backpack or with regimental baggages) every days , in every seasons. In garnison in Antillas, the soldiers can find tailors using the rightfull regulations, but probably not after them landing in the US. During the years of campaing, they are more probably wearing differents sorts of trousers (white, if they can find some)and pre-1779 waistcoast whith scares ans patches. After 1781 and the more regular support, the situation can turn better (1779 style).
For the flag, howether, there is no doubt about the purple color. The Regiment du Gatinais was created by a transfer (batallions n°2 ant n°4) of the Regiment d'Auvergne, in 1762. As for every occurance of this kind of regimental creation, the flag of the new (son) regiment is obtained by mixing the colors of the previous (father) regiment, purple and black for the Regiment d'Auvergne (uniform withe and purple too).

The members of the Regiment du Gatinais were ashamed by losing the rank status of the Regiment d'Auvergne (almost based on order of creation). At Yorktown, prior the assault on the redoubts, they are claiming to Rochambeau "Rendez nous Auvergne!" ("Bring us back Auvergne"). That was absolutly impossible, disturbing the the regimental organisation (too much batalions), and even the Army organisation (jealousys for the status and the money by the others regiments commanders). After the courageous assault, the King himself pay them attention, and in 1783, the Regiment du Gatinais become "Royal-Auvergne", and as "Royal" regiment, overank the Regiment d'Auvergne.

You can find some informations on flags at:

Enjoy the game!

Anonymous said...

The regiment de Auvergne enjoyed a good reputation,so it is that when the revolutionary authorities (french Rev.) eliminated the former Royal titles,the newly renumbered Regiment de Auvergne still carry their old battlecry.
Giles,i tried Vallejo Royal Purple with a tiny dab of black as my base,bone white for highs and black for shadows.
Works really good on my regiment,but i still like the shade of Violet you've painted.