Monday, 8 August 2011

Current wip

I have some AWI French skirmishers to post about in a couple of days, but in the meantime I thought I'd post a couple of photos of the other large unit I am currently working on (i.e. in addition to the 24-figure AWI French chasseur unit, which is now three quarters finished). I bought a box of Perry plastic Napoleonic Prussian infantry at Salute and, having painted a couple of test figures back in April, decided last month to push on with the rest of the box. I will provide a proper review when I have the regiment finished, but my overall reaction is very favourably - the figures are dead easy to paint (like the plastic French infantry) and easy to put together. My only concern is how the backpack fits onto the figures, which doesn't quite seem to work as neatly as on the plastic French infantry.

The unit I am building is the 1st musketeer battalion of the 10th Regiment ("1st Silesian"), in Hacke's 13th Brigade. I chose this regiment simply because I liked the yellow facings and the 1st battalion's flag comes with the box. I think the regiment was involved in the fight at Plancenoit, but my research is ingoing. However, one issue I need to consider now is the number of figures. The Waterloo orbat on the "General de Brigade" website has Prussian infantry battalions at 32 figures mostly, with a few at 24 figures. I know that at full strength a battalion would be close to 800 men, or 40 figures at 1:20 (which is what you get in the Perry box, plus 6 jaeger). I'm assuming that the GdB orbat takes account of casualties incurred in the various battles preceding 18th June itself. However, I don't think Hack's 13th Brigade was present at Ligny and therefore I wonder whether the units in this force should not be closer to 40 figures rather than 32. I note comments on the GdB forum that whilst the 32-figure Prussian battalion is pretty standard in wargaming it may also be something of a "received wisdom", and that units at the beginning of a campaign or which have not yet seen action (like the 10th) would probably be close to full strength.

Like any sensible wargamer, I prefer smaller units (and so less painting) whenever possible and when tackling something like Waterloo a certain amount of "shrinkage" is required for space reasons anyway; but any thoughts from readers more versed than I in the Prussian army of 1815 would be welcome!


Ray Rousell said...

The look a very nice unit, I like the yellow, it's a great contrast. I wouldn't fancy painting 40 figures just for one unit though, I know they're 15mm but we use our own version of GdB and use 16 figures per unit. Perhaps 16 is too small for 25's,but it all depends on what size the French are I suppose??

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They are shaping up very nice like all your units Giles! If your still interested in doing more Prussians after this then I highly recommend Calpe Miniatures as they make the best Prussians IMHO:


Rodger said...

Very, very nice Giles. I do like the way you can have subtle differences to basically the same figures with plastics.

Sire Godefroy said...

Having just 'dipped' a regiment of 30 figs, I see it as the only way for me to ever reach that number per unit. It still was a fairly decent investment of time, and I couldn't imagine how to properly paint units even larger than that. Least of all, where to store them.

The more I salute you for the great output, both in numbers and in quality, that you keep producing. Prussians are on my list as well - sometime.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look great. Don't forget the schutzen in their sharp green jackets.

Mike said...

Unit strengths on the battlefield have bedeviled me for as long as I've been a wargamer. If you do paint this as a 40 figure unit, which is my advice, then you can pull bases as needed for other scenarios. I like the idea of painting specific units at the correct strength for one moment in time. I did exactly that with my ACW units. As one of the original Prussian infantry regt's, the 10th should be a good unit, and if not 40 figures, then at least 36.

paulalba said...

Great looking Prussians Giles, Wouldn't know what number to go for? I just make all my Prussians 32's and count down if needed. Haven't thought of doing them as 40 man bats?

Willie Anderson said...

Very nice Giles!