Friday, 10 June 2011

4th Chasseurs

I painted these figures a while ago but forgot to post pictures. This unit represents the 4th Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard and utilises the 2 special packs of figures that Perry Miniatures released for the 3rd and 4th regiment of Grenadiers and Chasseurs. These Middle Guard units were hastily raised in 1815 and apparently suffered from supply issues - hence the lack of bearskins and the variety of headgear. The 4th Chasseurs formed part of the final attack on the centre of Wellington's line at Waterloo. Losing heavily from artillery fire and volleys from the British Guards, the 4th appears to have been pretty much wiped out.

In the "General de Brigade" orbat I'm using for 1815, the 4th Chasseurs appear as a 24 figure unit in Michel's brigade, with 2 battalions of the 3rd Chasseurs. Perry Miniatures do a very nice Michel personality figure, so it is tempting to work up the rest of the brigade at some point. Perry give you several options for the Guard Chasseurs: standing in full dress, standing in greatcoats, advancing in full dress, advancing in greatcoats, and advancing in greatcoats and funny hats, as used here. For the Waterloo orbat you need 6 battalions of Chasseurs, 2 each for the 2nd and 3rd and then one apiece for the 1st and 4th. I'm thinking that having started with the 4th I could work backwards and progressively "smarten up" each regiment. So whilst the 4th Chasseurs use just the special "ragged" figures, the 3rd Chasseurs' battalions would consist of a mix of hats and a few bearskins. One battalion of the 2nd would have greatcoats and bearskins and then the other and the 1st Chasseurs would be in full dress. That way I could use all the various packs produced by the Perries! I did think about making the 4th ultra scruffy by painting the greatcoats in a variety of different colours, but decided that I want my Guard units to look like the Guard and so all greatcoats will be painted dark blue (I used the Foundry "French Blue 65" palette with some extra highlights of "Deep Blue 20"). However, I did decide to mix up the trousers a little.

On the workbench at the moment is more AWI - French infantry and some civilians. Next week I'll post about my newly-completed 15mm regiment, being the star of a new period!

Blogger update: I still can't post comments on other blogs, it seems, despite fiddling around with cookies, settings and other things. I hope Blogger sort this out because it's getting to be very annoying. I'm very much enjoying what other followers are doing at the moment and it's frustrating not being able to say so!

24 figures. Painted February and March 2011.


Docsmith said...

Giles - these are truly wonderful. I love the 'ruffies' with the differing headgear - that pioneer really looks like your grizzled veteran 'grognard'. Gotta love those Perrys!

Sorry to hear of your Blogger problems - had exactly the same thing myself and ended up changing browsers - from Firefox to Google Chrome and mercifully have had no repeat of the comment posting problems etc.

Rodger said...

Wonderful painting. These figures look amazing.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nicely done as always. I particularly like the darker blue palette you chose for the overcoats. It stands out and is very realistic.

Sire Godefroy said...

Great painting on these Naps! Love the mix of vibrant colours. But even more I'm looking forward to the next AWI French and, in particular, to your 15mm project. Now that's promising!

Had the same issues with Blogger for quite a time; killing all settings from Cache to Cookies solved the problem - just couldn't bring myself to furnish other browsers up to the "standard" I'd established with Firefox.


MiniMike said...

Lovely looking unit. Always enjoy your posts.

airhead said...

Great looking unit as ever Giles. Next postings star regiment in 15mm is very intriguing, my money is on some chaps with long pointy things (ECW?)

On the blogger issues, safari is working ok for me.

All the best


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Absolutely fantastic as ever Giles! I really like your idea of working backwards through the regiments. Also, when I do my French I'll use the same blue formula you did as I think it worked a peach.
I think everyone has been having Blogger problems to one degree or another as of late. I had my followers go in and out, but it seems to be back on track. I hope yours resolves itself.


paulalba said...

Hi Giles,
Stunning figures as always!

I have been having a hellish time posting comments on other peoples blogs too. I had a break of a few weeks when I was off on holiday and now most of the time I get error messages. Also seem to have lost the follower avatars?

AD said...

A great looking unit; the blue highlighting is especially sharp. Can't wait also to see your next AWI unit and your upcoming foray into 15mm minis.

legatus hedlius said...

Lovely! I'm painting a few Napoleonics at present: Dutch jaegers. I am determined to finish at least one unit!

Willie Anderson said...

Cracking unit Giles,
Inspired me to buy a box of Perry naps which I will paint over the coming weeks.

All the best


Iowa Grognard said...

Great stuff as always Giles!

Bluewillow said...

lovely work Giles, you have done the figures great justice, looking forward to the other three units:)

I also changed to google chrome fixed my challenges also.