Tuesday, 9 March 2010

No more posts for a while...

...as it's time for our yearly trip to New Zealand. How young Hugo will cope with 26 hours of flying is anyone's guess. He's now 12 weeks and a bit more predictable than he used to be, but it's going to be an experience...We are not venturing far this time - a few days in Auckland before heading down to Tauranga to introduce Hugo to his Kiwi grandparents, aunts and uncles. After a week or so we will hea back up north to spend a few days by ourselves around the Bay of Islands. It's apparently been a record summer in NZ so far - I hope the good weather lasts a couple of weeks longer.

A couple of wip pics are above. The 1st battalion of the Armagnac regiment is coming along nicely and over the weekend I managed to squeeze in 8 "revolting slaves", newly released by North Star Miniatures. I've finished basing a few other things and have just received a boxload of Spanish houses from Paul Darnell of Touching History to go with my First Carlist War collection. So lots to post about when I return.


RTB said...

bon voyage mon frere.

Avec vous le mouton et moustach ala VB?

Nigel Emsen said...

Enjoy, I have in-laws in Auckland and yes they are having a very good summer :(

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look nice and enjoy your vacation!:-)


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Have a good trip!

By the way, the white-coated unit is coming along nicely. I really like the way you 'black lined' in grey. It really works well on the white uniform.

Andy McMaster said...

Have a good trip Giles. The little one should be fine. We took my daughter to Italy when she was 5 months and she was fine. Slept loads. It's when they get older and you need to 'entertain' them that it becomes an issue!

Docsmith said...

Have a good holiday in the land of the Long White Kiwi with little Hugo. Its been raining quite a bit but this time of the year (Autumn) its perfect temperature (early 20C) and being NZ - beautifully green. Enjoy. You should let Von Peter know you're coming and drop in for a game!


PS: If you want to 'drop in' to Aussie on the way back - particularly to Canberra - let us know and I'll give you a personally guided tour of the world's best War Memorial!

legatus hedlius said...

Have a good holiday Giles. I like the revolting slaves as I am very tempted by Brigade's new Napoleon in Egypt French!

Peeler said...

Have a good trip Giles, the 26 hours will fly by I'm sure,

Dalauppror said...

Have a good trip!

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Best regards Dalauppror

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