Monday, 5 January 2009

Second year anniversary

Tarleton's Quarter celebrated its second year yesterday, and I'll use this at an opportunity to say a big "thank you" to everyone who reads this blog and posts comments. Ultimately all blogs are "egotistical" to a greater or lesser extent in that they presume that others are interested in what the blogger has to post, and so I've always been surprised at how many people think this blog is worth a look. I suppose the answer is that I myself greatly enjoy following other gamers' blogs, seeing what they are up to and hearing their musings on the hobby. Looking back on the state of the wargaming blogosphere as at 4 January 2007, there are now considerably more blogs and personal sites around; at times it seems that there cannot be too many gamers left who do not have a permanent internet presence, whether via their own blogs or as a regular poster on a forum. For people such as myself who are not affiliated to a club, and indeed for wargamers generally, this must be a Golden Age of wargaming cameraderie and information sharing.

So what will 2009 hold for Tarleton's Quarter, aside from a month's closure whilst its barman heads off to the Pacific to get married? The AWI is still a core concern, but readers will know that I have been moonlighting with other periods since November and I confess that I am enjoying this. I'm not bored with the AWI by any means, but rather I'm acutely aware that marriage brings less time for painting and, whilst I'm not quite yet in the last chance saloon, I can't help but feel that my gaming options should be expanded beyond one period. I know I have said this many times before, but the recent Long Island game made me realise that there comes a point when you can have too many figures in a collection; and on reflection, that point is much closer than it seemed a few weeks ago. That said, the AWI is a large period and there are various gaps I need to fill: cavalry for both sides, more militia, a revisit to Howe's northern army to pick off some random British line regiments, lots more Hessians, anything new that Messrs. Perry or Eureka release over the next few months. So there is still much work to do, but I am going to dilute the AWI postings with appearances from other periods. At the moment, those periods will be 1815 and the Sudan. I hope hard-core AWI readers will forgive this indulgence... but at least it means I will be able to string out my AWI stuff for longer than if I spent all my time on it.

2008 was a good year, highlights being the Long Island game and seeing some of the AWI collection in "Battlegames" and Touching History book 4. On the painting front, the year's output is as follows: foot/cavalrymen - 438 (360 AWI; 52 French Naps; 12 Sudan Beja; 4 Sudan Brits; 10 ACW); horses - 17; carts & limbers - 7; guns - 6. So that's 468 pieces, which isn't too shabby (about 9 a week on average). Above are a couple of wip pics - Young Guard Voltiguers from 1815 and the Royal Irish Fusiliers from 1885. Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Both WIPs look very promising. Look forward to more.

Busby said...


I have been reading the blog for a few months now and you inspired me to game AWI. I have painted up some Militia... and working on doing Cowpens by June (start small I though... 50ish figs per side). I have a mixture of Perry, Old Glory, and Foundry... I will be ordering Eureka's soon (thanks for the links). I will post some photos in a blog when I get them based up.


Crazy Joe said...

Your collection; your blog; your choice. Your AWI stuff has got me painting up my own accumulation of figures for that period, so it's served a very useful purpose for me. However, I believe your driver ought to be purely selfish. People will read/view what they want to and you're not going to please them all.

Sire Godefroy said...

Happy birthday, and don't be surprised: Your blog excels as a big source of inspiration, both for painting and period talk. Like some others, it eventually drew me into my own AWI project.
Apart from that, being a wargames fly myself, I'm fine with any "relief" in your seemingly strong AWI-schedules. ;)


airhead said...

Great work Giles, keep it up, and all the best for 2009.
As they say variety is the spice of life. Looking forward to the other area you will be covering in 2009.


Sweden said...

Long time reader, first time commenting. Your blog is the best one around in my opinion, and I don't even game the AWI ;) (although I've been close a few times), I keep checking back at least twice a week in case of an update, so keep up the good work because I am truly enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

Always inspirational stuff Giles and your blog, along with the collections of 2 other gents, were responsible for tipping me over the edge on AWI. If only I could paint as quick or as well as you.
Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading about your forays into other periods.

Greg Sapara said...

Happy anniversary Giles, and a Happy New Year!!

I look forward to your future efforts, especially the Sudan, which is an area that I've been collecting for some time now.

Best wishes for a great and productive 3rd year!


jmezz382 said...

May the new year be merry !

I really enjoy your AWI blog and the awesome painting that you do. I believe that half the fun and enjoyment of wargaming is the research. The hobby rounds out with the painting and awe of your hard work taking the objective.

I am excited to see what the new year brings here on the blog.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...


Happy New Year. Paint more AWI and be unique. Napoleonics is so ordinary compared to AWI!

Just kidding, paint what you love. I enjoy it all too.


Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday. I always enjoy reading your progress and remain in awe of the quality you maintain over your extensive output.

I will closely follow your Sudan progress. The first four look superb – your style really brings these figures to life. The basing frontage looks good to me BTW!


Martin said...

Congratulations on reaching the two-year milestone, Giles! It sounds like your experience of blogging in our hobby is a lot like mine. It's amazing how many friendly people all over the world you meet "virtually" and then often later in person. I still recall meeting you at Salute the other year.

I don't think you need to apologise to anybody if you choose to feature other periods on your blog. It's your hobby, your blog and your spare time, so you should feel free to do what gives you pleasure and relaxation.

Of course, I'll mostly be watching your Napoleonics - but you expected that, didn't you?

Carry on enjoying yourself in 2009!

Betts-Davittovich said...

fantastic blog that has really got me painting and wargaming again and indirectly led to our battle of the clouds game at salute and warfare, please keep it up being married and a new baby have such inspiration is important

cheers Nigel B

Stokes Schwartz said...

Happy New Year Giles,

Yes, I agree. There is a wonderful amount of painting and gaming fellowship out there just now. Who would have thought that the internet would enable this kind of thing way back in the early 1990s when things really got moving? Certainly not me. I can't wait to see more AWI Hessians added to you collection and Napoleonics too. Those sitting voltigeurs look interesting. What are your plans for them? In any case, happy second anniversary, and I look forward to much more inspired painting and collection on your part, as well as reading about on my part, in 2009.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Well, a happy second anniversary to you and your blog and many, many more to come. You know how much I enjoy reading/ogling it (and chipping in occasionally) and you deserve a very big pat on the back for the number of gamers who have started AWI projects because of your blog*. Not to mention what you must have done for sales of BG and Perry/Eureka/Conquest etc! I can't quite see AWI ever joining the "big four" (Ancient, Naps, ACW, WW2) as a mainstream period, but you have certainly done much to raise it from its former niche status into the second tier with ECW, SYW etc.

All the best for 2009 and don't let those new projects distract you from the one true period!


* If we were to look at this in terms of "raising for rank" I'd say you were now entitled to call yourself "Colonel Giles" - and, of course, enjoy all the financial perks of that status! Perhaps you should paint up a fictitious unit of Loyalists - some sort of legionary corps, or better still, an as yet un-numbered McAllison's Highlanders?

legatus hedlius said...

Your blog really inspired me to do mine. Over 400 figures in a year. You wait until you get a family and that will teach you! Or better still don't!

If you do Sudan we could actually have a game! I'm working on mounted infantry at the moment!

We must try to organise lunch this month as I have a whole month with no overseas trips (I hope!)

Frostydog said...

Happy New Year and keep up with the excellent work and be as varied as you like. Your blog has always been an excellent source of information as well as being inspiring. 460 odd figures make my 240 or so rather wimpy but then I do have a family so maybe your output may slow down as well.

Hope to see some more of your work soon



AD said...

Hello. I'm definitely one of your "hard-core AWI readers." I wish I could manage your output. I managed last year fewer than 1/3 of the AWI you painted, plus I'm painting in 15mm, and that's the only period I'm doing. Oh well. Even if you're painting fewer AWI yours should still be an impressive output.