Monday, 12 January 2009

Current wip

I have reached one of those moments when I have lots of stuff waiting to be based but nothing finished to put up. Also, it is difficult to take decent pics at the moment because the light in London is very bad and it remains dark until after I have left for work, so all photos have to be taken under artificial light. So here, in the absence of anything else, are the current wip shots of the first battalion of the 72eme Ligne (actually now finished and in the basing process) and the Young Guard 3rd Voltiguers (the command base is now completed with a fifer and drummer). By the end of the week I should have proper posts on the 9th Foot and more British artillery for the AWI and the 72eme Ligne. 60-odd Sudanese Beja are waiting in the wings.

Once these units are finished, which will require the balance of this week, I will be returning full time to the AWI for a while. Consequently, I have been giving some further thought to what I might paint up over the next 6 weeks (i.e. until I head off to New Zealand again). For the past couple of years I have planned out my painting schedule about 2-3 months in advance - I find doing so controls the purchasing of new lead and gives me something to aim towards. So here is what I have planned for the next few weeks:

- a northern-states militia unit (20 figures);

- 17th Light Dragoons in southern dress (6 figures);

- Von Mirbach Musketeers (24 figures);

- more Iroquois indians (12 figures - a mix of Perry and Conquest).

That should be enough, especially as I want to finish some Sudan stuff too. And, horror of horrors, I have been told that "dance lessons" are going to impact on my evening painting time over the next few weeks....


Anonymous said...

They are looking very good. The seated French look great-a mixture of boredom and apprehension!

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I can completely understand about not being able to photograph outside. We're having a similar problem here on this side of the pond.

Your indoor photos are still quite good. I'm liking what you're doing with the perry plastics. I may have to buy a couple of boxes of the ACW plastice to augment my collection.

Are you having any trouble with paint not holding on to the bayonets?

legatus hedlius said...

Dancing lessons! Oh no! My wife made me have a lesson before our wedding with Len Goodman from Strictly Come Dancing. That was it! I said never, ever again. As my father used to say, in his typically politically incorrect way: "dancing is for women, children, black people and homosexuals on account of the fact that they are the only ones any good at it!"

guy said...


Firstly congrats on the second anniversary of the blog. Just caught up! Dancing lessons are tactically a must if you are obliged to dance with the new wife on your tod infront of everyone. Been there and done it. If you can pull it off and dance the first solo well and confidently, you will in one stroke convince the mother-in-law and legions of aunties/grannies etc that you cut the mustard and you will be home and dry. You don't have to be Fred Astaire. Just remember they are not really looking at you but her. Just don't trip her up.

Regards, with two left feet,

Matt said...

To paraphrase local radio phone-ins, “I’m a long time watcher but a first time commentator”. Just a note to say I’ve been greatly encouraged by your blog to knuckle down and get some modelling work done. The quantity and quality of your output is amazing.

As a long time ballroom & latin dancer (10 years+) I’d like to say good luck with the dancing. It’s mostly a matter of confidence, posture and not stepping on your partner’s feet.


Anonymous said...


Just wondering what base dimensions you are using for the bulk of your figures? your grenadiers for example, 4 figs per 50mm x40mm base? or slightly larger/deeper?

thankyou in advance


Anonymous said...

By the left, quick… step.

Have a glass or two of wine before hand!