Tuesday, 15 April 2008

62nd Foot

As its numbering suggests, the 62nd Foot was a relatively new regiment, raised in 1756 as the second battalion of the 4th Foot. It was re-designated the 62nd Foot only 2 years later, by which time the regiment was in Canada and it took part in Wolfe's epic attack on Quebec the following year. After a period at home the regiment returned to Canada in May 1776 and joined Burgoyne's Saratoga expedition of the following year, during which it was brigaded with the 20th and 21st regiments under Brigadier General James Hamilton. The regiment fought at both Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights.

This is my fourth Saratoga British regiment and after two battalions in "firing line" poses and a third in "march attack" I decided to use "charging" figures. 16 figures are required for the regiment in the "British Grenadier!" Freeman's Farm scenario (contained in the rulebook). As you can see, the unit's facings are buff. To add some more colour to the unit I gave the officer a patterned Indian bag. I painted most of these figures in February and finished them off in March I only made up the flags at the weekend and nver thought this regiment would take so long to reach the blog! I have one Saratoga regiment left to go now, the 9th Foot (which, incidentally, are the only figures I bought at Salute last year which I have not painted). What's on the painting desk? A few figures of the 84th Foot to finish off and I am also working on two units of Continental/militia regiments using a mix of Perry hunting shirt figures and the new militia. These should be finished fairly quickly after Salute, together with my first ACW Reb regiment.

16 figures. Painted February/March 2008. Flags by GMB.

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