Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Off to the USA

Thanks to the ever-increasing demands of work I haven't managed to finish off the basing of the 62nd. And I haven't finished painting the 84th. Annoyance. In fact, as I'm now going to be away until 2 April my tally for March will be only 13 painted figures. What I did manage to do, however, was start on a regiment of Rebs for the ACW. I have long been interested in this war and bought my first Dixon Miniatures figures about ten years. I painted about two dozen shortly thereafter but they have sat in their box until fairly recently (actually, that's not entirely accurate - they did form part of a display that I put up in the office I sat in as a first year trainee; my supervisor had all kinds of toys on his desk so I thought I had better contribute something). The impetus for digging these out was the release of the Genereal de Brigade variant "Guns at Gettysburg". I have enough painted figures for 3 regiments and I will slowly tart them up over the next few weeks.
So in the absence of anything else I thought I'd put up some work in progress shots. Three of the figures were painted over the past couple of weeks, the others 8-odd years ago and touched up slightly. People seem to either love or hate Dixon figures. I love them as they are dead easy to paint and the variety in their ACW range is staggering. At 95 pence per figure they are also at the cheaper end of the UK metals market. Some have said that the advent of Perry plastic ACW figures will be the death-knell of other ACW metal ranges. I do hope that is not the case and I doubt that it will be.

I'm flying off to America tomorrow so no more posts for 2 weeks. We have a week in Boston and then a few days in Charleston. When I return I will be armed with dozens of AWI themed photos!


Author said...

Giles, you should also pick up some of the Sash and Saber minis, now that they have that 50 percent off sale!

Glad to see you tackle the war between the states; great wargaming stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to miss my weekly inspirational fix! Enjoy the trip.


Oh, and I'll second that Sash and Saber suggestion. I picked up the skirmish/firing line brigade packs and they are great figures.

legatushedlius said...

The Perry figures are going to doom me to doing ACW for the first time since the seventies and my Airfix Armies.