Tuesday, 8 January 2008

49th Foot

This is the second regiment that Nigel B asked me post about. The 49th Foot arrived in Boston in 1775 and only remained in America for 3 years before departing to protect the West Indies from French and Spanish attack. The regiment had green facings but, like the 38th Foot, had bastion lace, which is very difficult (if not impossible) to recreate on Foundry figures. In "British Grenadier" scenarios, the 49th needs 16 figures for White Plains (October 1776) and Brandywine, at which it fought in Vaughan's brigade in Knyphausen's division.

I modelled the regiment in 1768 warrant dress for three reasons. First, I had bought a truck load of Foundry figures and didn't have much choice. Secondly, I decided that for White Plains it was probably reasonably authentic to keep the troops in white-laced tricornes and un-shortened coats. As a consequence, all the British regiments I have painted specifically for White Plains (the 28th and 35th, as well as the 49th) are in "full dress". Thirdly, I needed a green faced regiment to provide a couple of bases to attach to the 18-figure 52nd Foot for the Bunker Hill scenario. That battle, which is contained in the BG rulebook, requires a 24 figure unit to be formed by the 52nd and 5th regiments. My 5th are in Perry campaign dress and so not suitable for the 1775 battles. I needed a regiment with green facings which I could model in charging poses, to fit alongside the 52nd which consists of charging Foundry figures, and the 49th fitted the bill.

16 figures. Painted April 2005. Flags by GMB.

UPDATE: a further 4 figures were added in 2016 to take the unit up to 20 figures for the Dorchester scenario (as per the photo above).

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for sticking those two up, now I really don't have any excuse not to finish my brigade.a part from going to Ireland to do two restoration comedies till march, but i guess they sell paint there too.

as ever great stuff

Nigel B