Tuesday, 11 September 2007

More posts soon!

Once again I'm sorry for the lack of posts. This is a direct result of (1) being very busy at work and (2) being away for the past 3 weekends. As a consequence I haven't really had any serious painting time recently and being out of London at the weekend means that I have not been able to set up my weekly Saturday morning photoshoot. I had forgotten how much my "12 figures a week" regime relies on a couple of hours most evenings; at the moment I have no time to paint in the evenings at all. And today we have house guests arriving with more on Friday, so things are unlikely to improve until next week.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I have finished my second Saratoga British regiment, the 20th Foot, and some Eureka plantation workers. These just need to be "grassed" and then photographed. There will be pics by the end of the week. I will also ensure I take some photos of some earlier units over the weekend to give me something to post next week. I'm off to the Colours show in Newbury this Sunday and that should provide some nice pics too. I have started work on the 14th Continental Regt ("Glover's Marbleheaders"), but that is a biggie at 20 figures and will take a couple of weeks to finish. I have received a couple of emails recently about how I paint faces and eyes in particular. The answer is with extreme difficulty and usually after a couple of attempts. I'm currently finding painting eyes much harder than usual - it may be the Eureka figures, which have very small sockets, or it just may be that painting fatigue that we all get from time to time. But what I thought I might do when I next paint a marching or standing Perry unit (the 62nd Foot probably, after the Marbleheaders) is to try to post a step-by-step.

The photo is something random I took a couple of months ago: the command stand of the Hessian Knyphausen Fusilier Regiment. I have not posted this regiment yet, because I made a ghastly mistake and painted the cuffs red instead of black.....

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Iowa Grognard said...

You must be able to sense the natives getting restless. I was just saying to myself that I wish Giles had some new pics up to oogle over.