Thursday, 20 September 2007

American riflemen (2)

Earlier this year I posted pictures of some skirmishing riflemen that I based on large format bases with tree-trunks and logs etc (see here). At the same time I based a small unit on standard "first grade" skimisher bases of 25mm x 50mm. Again, each pairs consists of 2 moving figures or one moving whilst the other covers him. When I dug them out this morning, I was expecting to find 10 figures instead of 8. If a fifth picture suddenly appears at some time over the next few days, it means I have found this errant stand.

I'm itching to get these figures blooded in an Oriskany game....when I've sorted the terrain out. These figures will also do for Morgan's Riflemen in the Saratoga Campaign; one of them might even have a lucky shot at a British General. Morgan's Rifles at Saratoga numbered about 300, so you'd need about 16 figures for a BG unit. I can also use these and the other riflemen figures as the 11th Virginia set out to skirmish (the formed, 16-figure unit of which is here). These are all Perry figures of course, marvellously sculpted.

8 figures. Painted June 2006.

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Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I like the Indian beadwork detail on the haversack of the one rifleman. Posession of such items was much more common than most think. Nicely done.

Fantastic paint job on all of them. Although the skirmishers on the logs were wonderfully based, like these for wargaming. Smaller bases work within terrained woods better.