Thursday, 23 August 2007

God save the King!

My Sitemeter counter seems to have vanished, so I have no idea how many people are reading this blog. I assume there are at least 6 readers, judging from recent comments, so my apologies to them and others for the lack of posts recently. Work has been very busy and things I have meant to do just have not been finished. The 10th Virginia still awaits basing and the 20th Foot is only half-finished. I am going to Prague for a few days tomorrow morning so these units are unlikely to be ready for photos for another week or two. Once the 20th Foot is out of the way I want to paint Gover's Marbleheaders. There's also the Hessian artillery I failed to paint this month, and ongoing Sudanese Beja.

But in the meantime I thought I would post some pics of something I've been working on sporadically over the past couple of weeks, Newcastle's Whitecoats. The English Civil War is one of a handful of projects that I keep meaning to get stuck into. I bought some Renegade figures a while ago and then some Bicorne packs at Salute in April, but never found the time to paint any of them. I have now started painting this Royalist regiment as a tester. The aim is to present Newcastle's Whitecoats as they might have appeared in the closing stages of Marston Moor. The regiment will have 5 stands with the figures based quite densely, 5 or 6 to a base. This confused, "in the think of it", look was inspired by similar regiments that David Imrie and Barry Hiton have done - I imgine this action-packed style has been copied many times. This stand is the second base and consists entirely of pikemen, although one figure had dropped his pike to get stuck in with his sword. The other stands will each have 2-3 musketeers and 1-2 pikemen. The front 3 figures are from the Bicorne range whilst the back row are from Renegade. I'm hoping I can finish off the rest of the regiment during September. It should like quite effective once all 24-odd figures are painted and based.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I broke down my first Renaissance army and sold it as it was such an early effort I was ashamed to put it on the tabletop any more. These are wonderful figures and painted nicely. I like the confused look of the pikemen. I really should get back to painting an ECW or Renaissance army, although I might just be cheeky and do it in 15mm or 10mm. That is of course if your figure posts don't otherwise motivate me. This one certainly does.

Callum said...

Another fantastic job there Giles! I've been waiting to see the whitecoats ever since you mentioned them a while back. I've got a load of Bicorne ECW figures awaiting a coat of paint, once I decide whether I want to use them for a skirmish game or full-on battles.

Keep up the good work!

Iowa Grognard said...

Great stuff as this is also a period of interest for me. I must take position with AJ as your postings coincide with scale creep on my painting table. Having already produced this outcome in one period and as you're on the verge of doing so again I fear that if you start posting Ancient Greeks that my 15mm position will be completely eroded; aside from the ACW, where I am thoroughly entrenched in 15.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hello there Giles,

Lovely figures there. Glad to learn you work on other periods in addition to the AWI. How about a few words sometime on the great scenery/table that serves as the backdrop for the various photos displaying your work?

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz
(One of "The Six")

M. said...

Although AWI is not a period I collect, the quality of your blog (text and images) keeps me coming back to see what's new.

Excellent stuff!

Florida Tory said...

Be assured that your site has fans who eagerly await your posts well beyond the "six" who leave regular comments.

Anonymous said...

fantastic figures great ideas as always, i don't know if it makes me want to pick up my paintbrush again or through it down in no need to pick it up too much unpainted lead to leave lying around. Again gret stuff

nigel betts

tidders said...

As always you have posted some pictures of really nicely painted figures.

I also have a 'sideline' interest in ECW; I've opted for 40/42mm figs. Some pictures on my ECW blog at

-- Allan

legatushedlius said...

These are gorgeous! I am afraid I am very boring and always do my ECW pikemen (I have two regiments nearly finished but at 48 figures a unit -the club standard-it takes time!)with the pikes upright. Looking forward to seeing more of these!

Peter said...

Hi Giles

Never, NEVER trust computers! 8O)

Great figures as usual.

Do you intend to perform historical simulations with these figures? If si what rules are you looking at using?

von Peter himself