Monday, 9 July 2007

British dragrope men

These Perry figures are "hired help" for moving artillery pieces. Two companies from the 33rd Foot were assigned as dragrope men Burgoyne's Saratoga force (a total of 155 men) whilst Howe's army in the northern theatre used men from a loyalist regiment. I decided to paint these all as the 33rd, even though I will be using them all over the place; I'm sure no one will object and of course for Saratoga games they will be perfect. The figures wear fatigue caps, the front of which is in the facing colour of red. I have no idea whether these caps would have had the number of the regiment written on the front, but I decided to use a little artistic licence.

These figures are wonderful sculpts and a joy to paint. I wanted them to look as if they were completely fed up with their work, and I am quite pleased with how the faces turned out. The group on the left are supposed to look as if they have just been asked to move another gun, while the group on the right have clearly decided they've had enough. Again, it is packs of figures like this one that make the Perry Miniatures AWI range so outstanding and why the Perry twins both deserve knighthoods for services to wargaming.

6 figures. Painted June 2007.


legatushedlius said...

You're doing better than me at the moment painting wise. You are quite right in saying the Perry range is so complete. It is a big frustration looking at their Dutch Napoleonic range and finding no limbers.

Anonymous said...

Top brushwork and inspirational stuff as usual. Always enjoy checking the site for yoru updates.