Wednesday, 4 July 2007

British artillery (3)

These are the Perry packs of Royal Artillery in "southern" campaign dress. They are essentially in the same uniform as the "northern" theatre figures but with a slouch hat instead of a cap hat. Given that British infantry in the north often wore slouch hats, I imagine it's perfectly ok to mix and match one's Royal Artillery crews to add even more variety. Looking at the "British Grenadier" scenarios, you only need a couple of crews for most southern battles (largely with 3-pounders - Guilford Courthouse requires 2). I only have one British 3-pounder so far, so need another one; I'll probably buy it with a crew in "Saratoga" uniform. So these two crews should suffice for the south.

The guns here are painted with my standard, and rather idiosyncratic, blue-grey colours (GW "Shadow Grey" highlighted with "Hideous Blue" and then "Space Wolves Grey"). The woodwork should probably be a bit more grey and a bit less blue, but I like it! In the background is the new Perry ammunition cart, sitting patiently whilst I finish its base.

8 figures and two guns. Painted June 2007.

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Clibinarium said...

Lovely work as usual. I take it that all woodwork was painted blue, including the rammers. I've not seen that before, but it does look cool.