Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Tenth year anniversary

My first post of the year is almost always a self-congratulatory celebration of another year of blogging.  At times over the years I've felt rather embarrassed when writing this post, as some years saw far less output than others and there have been times when this blog seemed rather comatose.  However, this time I can celebrate reaching 10 years, and whilst the regularity of posts over those years has been very inconsistent at least the blog has managed to keep going for a full decade.  Like the Continental Army in the AWI, "Tarleton's Quarter" may sometimes look as if it's been beat, but it always manages to rise up again.  This year things began quietly but picked up in the second half of the year, before tailing off sooner than I had intended in December.  That means there's a backlog of figures to post about, so the figures below don't tally with what I've posted about over the past 12 months.  As always, I'll try to be more regular with posts this year and I'm both grateful for and appreciative of all the kinds comments that are left here. 

Painting time was spent almost exclusively on the AWI this year, and my main focus was on building up my Loyalist troops.  My other key aim was to continue making inroads into my leadpile, which made 2016 a cheap year from a wargaming perspective as my purchases were limited to the figures I acquired at Salute and a few books.  I've now worked through the bulk of my unpainted Perry lead; what's left comprises a couple of regiments' worth of Continentals and some bits and bobs.  I still have about 60 Foundry figures and various Old Glory packs (one of which I've just finished).  But I'm intending to have all these metal packs finished by the end of this year.  I have a couple of other commitments, and finding painting time remains elusive; but it's a realistic target and I should be able to fit in a couple of other things as well. I'd like to return to the First Carlist War and make a start on my Cape Town 1806 project, but I'm in no great rush and the necessary inspiration will arrive in its own time.  Appreciating now that, in painting terms at least, it's largely 1770-1870 that interests me I have been thinking about other periods - the War of 1812, the South America Liberation Wars, the Crimean War and the ACW all interest me.  However, at the moment I feel I can't justify rushing off and buying more lead or plastic when so much remains unpainted.  So it's more of the same for the foreseeable future, but I'm content with that.  The only other development of note has been taking the plunge with the "X-Wing" miniatures game.  I thought that when Hugo turned seven in December it might be the time to try out this game with him, given that he loves Star Wars and people I know had suggested he would be old enough to get to grips with it.  I'm delighted to say that we spent over 2 hours playing X-Wing last weekend and it looks like a hit.  Monty is far too young to understand the rules or indeed play properly; but he likes moving his ships and rolling the dice so I'm hoping this game will produce some family fun over the next few years.

Anyway, the painting tally for 2016 is as follows:

- AWI: 243 infantry, 26 cavalry, 6 horses, 2 guns and 1 wagon;
- Napoleonics: 6 infantry, 6 horses and (most of) 1 coach;
- ACW: 8 infantry.

So that's 325 "points" in total, which is a dead-heat with last year's total.  The Napoleonic coach is the Warlord Games set of Napoleon's Berlin Coach; this was my Christmas hols project and I'm hoping to have it finished over the next couple of weeks.  I painted 8 more ACW figures and will paint the rest of the battalion at some stage this year.

Coming up next on TQ: American artillery and militia personalities, the King's Royal Regiment of New York and some much-delayed Highlander command.  I don't really have any relevant photos, so I've added some of a parade last autumn of my Hessian and Brunswick troops (without the artillery - I forgot all about that).  It's been a good while since I painted any German auxiliaries and I just wanted to have a look at them.  Happy New Year, everyone.   

8 battalions in total, with jaeger skirmishers, command and a vignette  

Grenadier battalions, with Regiment Rall at the back
Fusilier regiments (Knyphausen and Von Lossberg)
Musketeer regiments (von Bose, Leib, von Mirbach) 
Jaegers and casualties
Brunswick commanders (Breymann and Riedesel)


Paul Forgette said...

Happy Anniversary.
I enjoy your AWI figures and especially the research you provide. It has helped me in my paintings.
Our sons are now grown, so I game with the two grandsons every time they visit us.
Gaming with your sons will provide great memories for you and them.

Dale said...

Happy anniversary and great post.

Will McNally said...

Lovely eye-candy and I must remember I have a similar ten year anniversary in a couple of weeks. Keep on blogging.

Michael Awdry said...

What a tremendous milestone, many congratulations.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

A ten year anniversary is nothing to sneeze at! Congratulations, and many thanks. Your blog inspired me to start, and at times continue my blog.

Ken Reilly said...

A cracking 10 years of output, Giles. Keep up the good work.

painterman said...

Congratulations Giles.
I always look forward to reading your posts - they prompt me to try and make progress with my AWI and your blog was the original inspiration for me to start one of my own (way back when). Impressive tally of figures done in 2016. Looking forward to your 2017 posts.

Greg Sapara said...
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Greg Sapara said...


Congrats on 10 fantastic years! Your blog was my inspiration when starting out with my own AWI collection, and although it is but a shadow of your vast holdings, thanks to your blog it is one I am proud of!

Here's to another 10 years!

Jason said...

Well done on 10 years of blogging! Also congratulations on your fine parade of German troops - they are very impressive! I look forward to seeing what your wonderful brushwork will produce this year.
Best wishes,


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Excellent year... beats my 8 points hands down... :o))

Congratulations on the Deca'versary - any plans to see these fine fellows on the field of battle this year??

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Congrats on 10 years of blogging Giles and a very fine display of German troops! Personally in addition to more AWI I hope to see you further expand your ACW collection.:-)


Doc Smith said...

Beautiful collection superbly painted. Congratulations on your blog's 10th(!) anniversary. Merry Christmas and New Years to you Giles.

carojon said...

Hi Giles
Congratulations on achieving a great landmark, I love the style and content of your blog and your work has been a great influence on my own four year effort and I have grabbed copious notes from your excellent unit posts for my own AWI collection when I get around to it.
Keep up the good work

David said...

Happy Anniversary to your blog, Giles. I always enjoy seeing your work, especially your ACW units! Here's to the next ten years!🍷

Donderman said...

Brilliant stuff Giles. I'm just getting into 28mm AWI myself this year, and your blog is a tremendous inspiration! ~ Steve

Andy McMaster said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Doesn't time fly! Always a pleasure reading your blog. Here's to ten more years!

Steve said...

Congratulations on a decablog!

airhead said...

Happy 10th anniversary Giles keep up the good work, always inspiring stuff on your blog and admirably focused.

All the best