Monday, 3 October 2016

Loyalist camp

I regret that posts have been thin on the ground over the past couple of months.  However, that can be remedied as a result of a good session in the garden with my camera yesterday.  Highlanders, loyalist rangers and some personalities are to come, but to start with here's the Perry Miniatures AWI camp set.  The website states that the set can be used for either side.  You have two soldiers in shirtsleeves and waistcoats, and two wearing uniform coats; so the latter figures require a decision on what "side" they are going to be.  To my eyes this set lends itself more to the British side than the Continental, and I decided to paint the uniformed figures as later-war loyalists.  I was thinking in particular of the New York Volunteers that I painted at the end of last year.  That's because the only scenarios I can think of which feature Crown troops fighting inside or near their camp are Stono Ferry, Savannah and Eutaw Springs; and all those feature loyalist units clothed in red faced dark blue coats.  The colour of whatever's in the pot gave me pause - I've assumed that it's some sort of soup using vegetables, potatoes, chicken and stuff, and that the overall colour of the watery result would be a pale brown.

This is a nice little set, one of the small number of packs I bought at Salute this year.  On the workbench at the moment are a large Pennsylvania regiment, the Volunteers of Ireland and some Conquest Miniatures "frontiersmen" which I intend to use for generic Patriot scouts/rangers.  I have a couple of packs of Conquest Indians, which I'll turn to next alongside more loyalist infantry.

6 figures.  Painted September 2016.



Michael Awdry said...

Lovely scenic additions Giles.

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look just right - grabbing a seat wherever they can. Matches what I saw at the Ft. Ti reenactment.

Peter Douglas said...

Lovely bits of colour for the table. Very useable as deployment points or objective markers too!
Cheers, Peter

Will McNally said...

Some nice ideas, thanks

David said...

I very nearly bought that set yesterday Giles. Seeing your work on it makes me wish I had now.

Simon Jones said...

Nice additions Giles. I have had the Perry Volunteersof Ireland figures for years in the lead pile. Cannot seem to get around to them.

painterman said...

Wonderful Giles - a useful and lovely set which enjoyed doing too.

Unknown said...

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