Sunday, 8 December 2013

King's Mountain Miniatures - new releases (2)

Just a quick post tonight of four more "over mountain men" figures from the forthcoming King's Mountain Miniatures release, together with the first two I painted a while ago.  I'm in the process of basing another pair for Guilford Courthouse and I've also painted two in grey smocks and roundhats.  These last two figures are intended to represent the 6th Virginia Regiment, which are reported to have been clothed in smocks and/or hunting shirts of grey or brown with red cuffs.  The idea was to show that with a bit of imagination and ignoring a couple of details (such as rifles instead of muskets) these new figures can be used for Continental infantry as well as irregular riflemen.  

I have some more 1815 French Guard I painted earlier in the year to post about in a couple of days. 



Simon Jones said...

Hello Giles,
I have been following your fantastic blog for years and have been very impressed and inspired by your endeavours. There is something about these new figures poses and sculpting that puts me off them. These figures seem to have a retro feel, my brain keeps telling me Dixon miniatures. I think I will stick to a Foundry/Perry base for my AWI units. I still have a lot of Front Rank units and still quite like them. I hate to be a figure snob here and the above is my own personal opinion. I do however like the Highlanders from this range and wish the manufactures much success in the future.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great painting on these Giles!


paulalba said...

lovely Giles, it's a very nice looking range.

David said...

Fine work Giles, as ever.

Mericanach said...

Nice work, Giles.

Giles said...

Thanks for your comments. Simon, when I have more of these figures painted I'll take some comparison photos. They are a little bigger than Perry/Foundry/Old Glory/Eureka sculpts and some of the issues you refer to may be down to my "conversion" skills in respect of adding the heads to the bodies. I've never done that before on metals, and I suspect more skilled modellers than I could make these figures look a bit more natural. I agree that a couple of the heads do look rather "plonked on". Bill's helpfully given me some tips on how to improve this, but it will be very interesting to see what others make of them.

Simon Jones said...

Hello Giles,
Many thanks for your reply. I forgot to state in my first post that your painting is outstanding. I like sometimes to mix manufacturers in my units. Size difference is not to much to worry about. After all we are all different heights and shapes! I enjoy making up units in this way. I have some Redoubt ACW artillery with separate heads. This to is a new venture in modelling for me as well. I forgot To state also that I use Eureka figs in my units. Because of cost I keep an eager eye on eBay for these. I think some of the heads in the new OMM range are more FIW than AWI. Research is everything in this matter. Your to Virginian figs look spot on. I have a note book that I jot down uniform details and colours in pencil. Then any amendments can be made easily by just rubbing out.
Have a great Christmas and New Year.