Wednesday, 9 October 2013

French casualties

I have some larger units close to completion, but in the meantime here are some Perry French Napoleonic casualties I painted a few weeks ago.  Not much to blog about, but I put the same effort into dead figures as I do into live ones so I thought I might as well post pics.  Most of the figures are from pack FN16 ("line infantry casualties"), which includes 2 marching casualties that I'll incorporate into my next line battalion.  The chap in the tunic lying face down is a plastic figure from the French heavy cavalry plastic boxes - I think this plastic figure is a bit bigger than the metal ones, which is odd as I think the plastic infantry are a tad smaller than their metal counterparts.  The greatcoated figure leaning on his musket is very useful as he can be used for others periods - the First Carlist War, for example. 

I've always based casualty figures.  I know many gamers just leave them "loose", but I like to have everything on a base as I think it looks neater and of course you can then add other bits and bobs like muskets, hats etc (which come with the plastic British infantryman casualty that is also in the Perry cavalry sets).  Front Rank sell packs of pistols, muskets, swords etc which are useful for adding to casualty bases.  One thing I've noticed about Perry casualty packs is that they tend to have "character" figures in them - for example, the falling officer in FN16, the wounded man being carried by comrades in a couple of the AWI packs.  These are lovely little pieces, but they do stand out rather and that means you're unlikely to buy more than one or (at most) two of each pack.  For large Napoleonic battles, what a gamer really needs is just a pack of 6 different dead people.      

Five figures.  Painted August 2013.



Dalauppror said...

Poor lads ;(

Greate paint work!!!

Best regards Michael

Andrew Saunders said...

Very nice work

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Dirt on the pant cuffs is a nice touch. Well done.

Phil said...

A little bit sad but...excellent work!!

Monty said...

Based or not those froggies look excellent. Very well done, Giles!


Anonymous said...

Hello Giles.

Nice work on some always useful casualty figures.

And I agree totally about the Perry casualty packs having less than totally useful "character" figures in them. Nice to have one (or maybe two!) of the characters but that's it really. The Napoleonic Russian casualty pack RN 35 is a fine example. A full half (!) half the figures (3 of 6) in the pack come as a set of two infantrymen carrying an officer. (At least I think it's an officer as mine is not yet painted and I'm going from memory!) A nice little vignette but I really don't need many of them.

von Peter himself

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Excellent work as always Giles!


paulalba said...

Nice dying men Giles! Now all you need a medical set or at least a stretcher party to help them off the field. Or some peasants to pick them clean! ;-)