Monday, 5 August 2013

Something completely different (2)

Here are 3 test figures from a new range in respect of a war that I hadn't even heard of until I saw the figures advertised.  Anyone like to hazard a guess as to the period?

You guys are way too clever - correct answer in the very first resposne!  Yes, these figures are for the Paraguayan War, aka the War of the Triple Alliance, which was fought from 1864 to 1870.  I've just finished reading a short synopsis of the war and it sounds a pretty horrid affair.  It was a diasaster for Paraguay as some 40% of its population died (including a large number of civilians who died from disease imported by its enemies' armies).  The destruction of Paraguay's male population resulted in its later armies consisting largely of children and old men.  The battles appear to include a few stand-up fights but lots of sieges and assaults on entrenched positions.  I'll have to do more reading to work out exactly what gaming opportunities are presented by this period, but it falls squarely within "my kind of thing": off beat period, nice figures, colourful uniforms (gaucho cavalry!).  I wonder what the terrain would look like; I'll have to do some digging on that too.

The figures are from a new company called Kingscarbine Miniatures.  Nuno, the proprietor, is well known to First Carlist War gamers.  He recently posted a proposed list of figures for this range on TMP - if the project continues this should be pretty comprehensive.  I just hope that the project is viable - there have been lots of new ranges recently that produce a handful of packs and then go quiet.  So whilst I have plenty on my painting plate at the moment (or should that be "palette"?), I'm happy to give this project some support.  I bought 1 each of the packs in the initial release and will aim to have those painted by the end of the month.  I seem to be butterflying quite badly at the moment; not sure why. 


Mosstrooper said...

Great Paraguian war ?

Will McNally said...

War of the pacific 1879?

Grigork said...

War for the Pacific

Silver Whistle said...

Your wonderful painting of these I am sure will help tempt others to give the period a go.
I wouldn't worry about the butterflying Giles, I find it keeps me keen and helps to prevent that painters block.

andy said...

Nice figures as always Giles. Ah yes.... butterflying.... know that one well. :0)

On an analysts POV, do you think the butterflying is due to the fact that you're coming to an 'end' (almost) with the AWI stuff? You've spent so long doing that, and now looking for something new, and that's why it's difficult to settle on a new period that's going to take up your interest again. I dunno? :0) I'm one of the worst for flitting between projects!

Willie Anderson said...

Those look great Giles a read a few articles about GPW years ago in Miniature Wargames a very interesting conflict the bare foot figure really captures the feel.

Looking forward to more!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great painting on a period I'm not that familiar with.


Nuno Pereira said...

A good intro for the period is Foundry's Paraguayan War book:

Or join

Bedford said...

All very interesting!

Great to see the mini's so well painted (and with a nice scenic background to boot.


legatus hedlius said...

Excellent! I am also starting to dabble in South America but from forty or so years earlier. Look forward to seeing more of these!