Wednesday, 20 March 2013

French line foot artillery (4)

This is just a short post on a little vignette that uses up the balance of the Perry "infantry hired help" figures.  I could have based these figures singly but I thought putting them together on a small stand with their muskets and packs would look better, and of course can be used outside of the "artillery zone".  The greatcoats are painted using the Foundry "Stone" palette, which is the colour I'm using for all my French Napoleonic line infantry greatcoats at the moment.  When I painted these and the other infantry figures that went on the artillery crew stands I painted the shako pompons in 2 different company colours, as I thought it would be unlikely for an entire company to be on artillery duty at one time (at 1:20 the 6 figures in the pack would represent an entire at-strength company).  I suppose if you added some epaulettes to these figures they would make quite nice extra artillerymen.

Two further things to say while I'm here.  First, I'm having Blogger problems again, in that I've noticed a lot of comments I've posted on other people's blogs aren't there.  Either the blog owners are not allowing them through (unlikely) or something goes wrong when I submit them.  It mainly seems to happen on blogs where you have to do that ghastly "captcha" word verification thing.  Secondly, while I have 8 posts' worth of finished Napoleonics to write about over the next couple of months, I'm going to spend much of the next few months on the AWI.  I'm waiting for my boxes of Perry plastic British infantry to arrive and I'm also re-visiting Eureka's cavalry figures.  Some cryptic statements on TMP also suggest that we'll see plenty more Perry AWI releases in due course (the last metal pack was AW175 and the plastic British are AW200, so I assume there are at least another 25 packs to come!).  Finally, I'm making progress with Bill Nevin's excellent King's Mountain highlander figures and when the first unit is finished I'll post some pics before I send them off to Bill in the USA.  I don't take on painting commissions (there's not enough time to paint everything I want for myself!), but Bill made me an offer I couldn't refuse and he's getting 50-odd painted highlanders in return!   

3 figures. Painted December 2012.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Yet more excellent work Giles! looking forward to seeing all the new AWI up your sleeve.


Michael Awdry said...

Absolutely stunning, what a wonderful vignette.

Sire Godefroy said...

Cool stuff, as always. Your vignettes are little gems throughout.
Like Christopher I'm eagerly awaiting your take on the new AWI releases.

Cheers, SG

David said...

Super stuff, Giles! I like the way you bring the figures to life in the group.

Silver Whistle said...

Superb painting and a lovely little vignette Giles. Look forward to seeing what you do with the plastic AWI.

legatus hedlius said...

That's a lovely vignette indeed. The word verification thing is a pain but otherwise you end up with posts like the one above. One of my military blogs gets at least one spam comment a day.

Doc Smith said...

Beautiful little vignette Giles - they could be the 'hired help' taking a break or just making a bivouac after a long march! I've had a similar problem posting comments from time to time and I've noticed some suspicious Asian spam on your blog a few times too. Its usually solved by logging out then logging back into your Blogger account.

Phil said...

Impresive work on this beautiful vignette!