Monday, 24 January 2011

61me Ligne (2)

This is the first battalion of the 61me Ligne for Bachelu's division of 1815. I now just have the 3me Ligne to go and the division is finished! That won't appear on the workbench for a while, though, as I have plenty of AWI and First Carlist War stuff to plough through first. As usual, the figures are mainly Perry plastics, with a handful of metal figures (the officer, NCO, drummer amd kneeling skirmiser, plus one or two others in the ranks). Also as usual, the Perry plastic infantry were a dream to paint. Most of the front row have utilised the extra heads that appear in the box. I've realised that there are only 2 or 3 of those additional heads that sport moustaches, and so the flank companies have less "head variety" than the fusiliers ones as it seems wrong to have grenadiers without moustaches.

I painted half the battalion in August and finished it off over Christmas. The building is a farmhouse made for me by Paul at Touching History, to go with the two barns I bought a while ago. It's a very nice model with some walling (I believe made by Hovels) to finish things off. As noted before, a GMB flag does not fit on the eagle as supplied with the Perry plastic set so I had to extend the eagle a bit (hiding the join within the flag). As I've said before, there is something I find very satisfying about painting these figures, so it won't be long before I paint the 3me Ligne. Next up: lots more AWI. Currently on the painting table: AWI French bombadiers de marine and First Carlist War Isabelino light infantry.

28 figures. Painted August and December 2010. Flag by GMB.


Vinnie said...

very nice work

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Lovely painting Giles and nice weathering on the trousers as well!


jmezz382 said...

Great looking stuff my friend

Anonymous said...

Eco everyones comments regarding the figs, but I'm sure some of them would have a rummage around the house in passing?

paulalba said...

Super painting Giles,
Love the way you do your faces, loads of character.
Very inspiring

Docsmith said...

Love the grungy campaign look - and the detail on the faces is fantastic.


Ubique said...

Top notch as usual. Is the campaign look a new direction painting wise?


Herkybird said...

Beautifully painted! - I commend you! - you can almost smell them!

Bluewillow said...

cracking work Giles,

finally folded and bought more AWI to make a start this year on my germans then some brits perhaps.