Friday, 11 December 2009

ECW Interlude (7)

Looking through Photobucket I realised I hadn't posted pics of these ECW casualty figures. Although a tad gruesome, I thought that I might as well put up the pics since posts are going to thin down rather once the little one finally makes its appearance (8 days overdue now). These are Bicorne figures. The pack gives you 4 "falling wounded" figures and 4 prone ones. It seemed appropriate to dirty up these figures, so I added a bit of gore and pastel mud. The NMA infantryman's hat is from Warlord Minatures - they sell extra metal hat packs for their plastic ECW range, which I can see are likely to come in useful for larger command bases and things like this where the figures have lost their headgear. I haven't added weapons and I'm thinking these may well have been picked up by others who had perhaps lost their weapons or had them knocked out of their hands.

I'll post some more First Carlist War stuff next week. I'm waiting for some more matt varnish to be delivered, which has delayed the basing of my National Militia regiment. I'm close to finishing the 7th Foot for the AWI (the Royal Fuziliers) and have started a Hessian grenadier battalion. At some point before the end of the year I want to do some "test" Carlist infantry and finish off my first unit of Crusader foot for the First Crusade (current wip pic below).

4 figures. Painted November 2009.


spqrdave said...

Very nice context, of course!

Rothwell82753 said...

More fantastic figures! Reading in your post about extra metal hats brings up the question does anyone produce extra AWI hats? I have wanted to do a few hat , not head conversions.

airhead said...

Great looking stuff Giles, I always like casualtie figures, they add an extra dimension to any battle field.

On the little one front, we found chicken Korma sorted out our late delivery.

All the best


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look great Giles!

I'm almost done with my AWI casualty figures and I'll post them soon.


Sire Godefroy said...

In their own right, these casualties are very nice. I'm always hesitant to add mud and gore to my miniatures, even downed ones; but you've done it in a convincing way. What will you use these figures for?

As a sidenote, also like the Crusader infantry. Although the formation looks a bit too 'tidy' for a Medieval unit, whereas the arrangement with ome unarmoured men in front and ironclad chaps in their back is confusing. However, that's down to your taste.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

The leather texture on the cavalry figures is great! I can't wait to see you paint up a full unit of cavalry.