Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pontevedra Provincial Regiment

This is the companion to the Madrid Provincial Regiment I posted a couple of weeks ago. Pontevedra is a city in the north-west of Spain, on the Atlantic coast. Since its probable foundation in the first century BC the city has been an important commercial hub in the province of Galicia, although the city's importance waned from the beginning of 17th century, when its trading activities suffered as a result of a build up of sediment. However, in the early 19th century the city was reborn as a privincial capital and began to flourish again. I have no idea what Pontevedra got up to in the FCW; I've chosen this regiment, as always, because an Adolfo Ramos flag for it is available from North Star.

This unit again only has 12 figures, as the flank companies would have been detached to form the Royal Guard, which I hope to get around to painting at some stage. The Cairns/Perry First Carlist War book states that there could be local variations in the uniforms of these provincial regiments. I decided on a few differences for this second unit - grey trousers and then the same patterns for collars and turnbacks that I've used for the regular army line (i.e. piping rather than solid colour). The building and wall pieces in the background are by "Tablescape" - these are part of their ready-made and painted "Peninsular War" range, which now comprises two styles of house, a church and 2 packs of walls. More AWI to post in a couple of days.

12 figures. Painted October 2009.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

More nice models from my favorite blog.Keep them coming Giles.


Sire Godefroy said...

Well done again, amazing details on these miniatures.
The buildings in the background look very nice, too. May be worth a purchase for my "Sharpe" setting.


Ubique said...

Fantastic painting, as always.
Looking forward to seeing the AWI figures.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I can tell you're really enjoying this foray into the FCW because your figure output has increased to even more than before - amazing! Lovely job on this unit Giles.

Anonymous said...

Lovely brush work Giles on the miniatures.