Saturday, 4 July 2009

ECW wip

A couple of people asked how my ECW project was developing, so while I work up my next Carlist War post I thought I'd post a couple of pics showing the current status of my Royalist army. There is no particular "army" in mind for this collection, i.e. it is not especially based on the Oxford army or that of Lord Hopton. My second regiment of foot is close to completion (Northampton's Greencoats). I am still working out how I want to base my artillery pieces (the ones here are by Warlord and Perry, clearly dwarfed by the Bicorne mounted command figures behind them). The three command figures will be added to so that they form an overall army commander stand and a cavalry commander stand. The current plan is to paint 4 foot regiments and then turn to cavalry for a bit, before adding to the foot and doing a few extra bits and bobs. For rules, "Eclaireur" and I are thinking of "Forlord Hope". Philadelphian wargaming chum "Bede" has just asked on TMP whether Forlord Hope works on a IGO/UGO basis; it's a valid question as the rules don't actually ever make this clear...


Ken said...

Nice work Giles. Looking forward to more. I've got plenty more questions about Forlorn Hope which I've posted on TMP. Maybe your friend Eclaireur, who I understand is experienced with the rules, can provide some answers.

Sire Godefroy said...

Your speed and quality is awesome, as usual. Very nice looking units, a lot of motion in there. Love the effect.
I'm waiting for Warlord producing some more miniatures specifically for the "Continental theatre", before I get into it again.
Further hints on the rule set (base sizes, amount of miniatures to play etc.) are very welcome.


tidders said...

Nice work as usual. I particulary like the cannon

-- Allan