Tuesday, 7 April 2009

First Carlist War test figures

Just because Andreas asked...this is where my first Isabellino unit currently stands after a week of painting. This is a battalion of regular army line infantry. It will be 20 figures strong, which is about a 1:30 figure to men ratio. At 1:20 I would have 32 figures for a battalion at full strength. However, I want to keep the units down to 20/24 figures (i.e. in line with my AWI stuff) and I imagine that battalions were rarely at full strength anyway - if both sides have this sort of ratio then it should be fine. Current rules plans are the GdB variant "There are your guns". Anyway, I still have plenty of planning to do and, when I have a couple of units painted up, a new blog will emerge... The buildings were bought ready-made from "Tablescape" at Salute.

Plenty to come for the AWI - the 6th Continentals, more buildings, a second British limber, a discussion on colonial fence styles and the Green Mountain Boys when they are finished. I have some 17th century stuff from South Africa to post on as well and plastic Perry Brits. Incidentally, am I the only person who feels overwhelmed by the range and quality of figures available at the moment? Even if I gave up work and painted 24/7 (ignoring the financial consequences for the time being) I still don't think I would have time to paint everything I'd like to do...


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legatus hedlius said...

Really lovely stuff! Yes I am definitely overwhelmed by all the new stuff: Perry British, Copplestone Louis XIV, Great War Miniatures Highlanders, War of the Ring, Gripping Beast Successors It's all too much!

jmezz382 said...

as usual ...... awesome !!

Greg Sapara said...

Another outstanding job!

I agree with you; I am overwhelmed. Between the Perry brothers, Empress Miniatures, and all the great WW1 stuff coming out, I could spend the rest of my life just painting! Not to mention the upcoming Perry WOTR plastics!!! Help!!!!

Andreas said...

Fantastic Giles, as always! I can't really decide on a rule set, have been thinking of either There Are Your Guns or perhaps Blackpowder when that comes out, but I've heard good things about Sharp Practice too. I want big units so I'll see where I'll end up.

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I've taken the 'pledge'. For the foreseeable future I'm on a 'paint two, buy one' self administered limit.

Lucky for me I've recently gone on somewhat of a painting burst so I'll have plenty of room to buy some new lead at Historicon in July.

I agree the latest offerings from several manufacturers are definitely making me salivate!

Giles, these sample figures look fantastic. I think the parade-ground poses fit the period well.


airhead said...

Just love that fat officer, great painting as usual. Its always struck me as slightly strange some peoples fixation on all their figuers being the same hight. Looks fare more natrulstic to have differing sizes.



Stunning painting and i look forward to your new blog very much.


ps Matt,don`t resist, give in.