Friday, 6 February 2009

72nd Ligne (2)

I painted the 72eme Ligne backwards, so this is the first battalion. Again, it is minus its flag because having bought the correct GMB flag I then lost it. I found it again this evening, so once I've attached it I might post pics of the two battalions together. This will be the last Napoleonic post for a while. I'm enjoying work on more American AWI units, and I think I have benefited from the diversion of Naps. Having decided that I have enough American figures, I have changed my mind and now have plans for another half dozen regiments. This volte face is largely the result o GMB's new issues of American flags. Two of these new units are all but finished now, the 6th Continental Regiment of 1776 and some more militia, and this weekend I will start on Seth Warner's Green Mountain Boys; working out how to paint pale green hunting shirts should be interesting (the regiment will be in a mix of green faced red coats, hunting shirts and civvies).

The 72eme are again a mix of plastic and metal Perry figures. The command base are all metals. The rank and file have more head swaps than the second battalion. I tried different mud effects on these figures - on the greatcoats, for example, I used a lighter brown (Foundry's "Dusky Flesh C") to suggest old, dried mud underneath the newly acquired darker-shaded mud. I'm not sure it works, but it adds a bit of interest I suppose. I have really enjoyed painting these plastic figures. One can only hope that the Perries have plans for lots more.

28 figures. Painted December 2008.


Anonymous said...

Very neat little unit. I like the mud on the figures, very effective.

legatus hedlius said...

Fantastic. Some of your best yet, I think!

Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I can see why you like painting these Perry plastics, they paint up really nicely and you've done a fantastic job on them.

Looking forward to seeing the new AWI stuff soon. I'll be returning to my AWI stuff once I finish preparing for this Dennewitz game.

On my bench behind the Dennewitz Prussian cavalry are some of the newer Perry AWI American riflemen. I had them about half finished when the Dennewitz bug bit me.

Great work on this stuff Giles!

Peter Dale said...

Hi Giles ...

Just a quick note to say how much many of us at our club in Perth, Western Australia enjoy your blog.

We have just launched our new website @ ... so hopefully you will take a look some time to see what we game etc.

We nearly have 60 members now ... so if ever in Perth ... or fancy a stop on the way to the Land Of The Long White Cloud ... then you would be very welcome to both a game of AWI or something else ... and good meal!

Best regards,