Friday, 19 December 2008

British Light Infantry (2)

I actually have three battalions of light infantry, two of which are "doubled-up" in both close and skirmish order. I have found with practical gaming experience, however, that one usually uses light infantry as elite "shock" troops and that units tend to remain in close order on the tabletop. This battalion was painted up for the Long Island game as the 3rd battalion in Brigadier General Alexander Leslie's light infantry brigade (which at 1:20 has 3 units of 20, 20 and 16 figures respectively). The 3rd battalion comprised the light infantry companies from the following regiments: 15th, 28th, 33rd, 37th, 46th, 54th and 57th.

The battalion had taken part in Clinton's unsuccessful attack on Charleston. It was commanded by Major The Hon. John Maitland, who seems to have been either from the 71st Foot or the Marines. This in fact makes no difference as both regiments had white facings. So the commanding officer is painted as Maitland in the white facings of whatever regiment he belonged to! The rank and file are in campaign dress of roundabouts and slouch hats rather than Royal Warrant uniform because I thought the former more appropriate to a unit that had just arrived from the Carolinas. Another reason is that this campaign outfit is much quicker to paint....

Many thanks again to Brendan Morrissey for his help with information on this battalion, in particular its commanding officer.

16 figures. Painted October 2008.


Sire Godefroy said...

Great, Light Bobs are my favorites among the British! Currently, they are on my painting desk, too. Though I'll picture them in skirmish formation, so only two men as a team per base.
Do you have positive evidence, if there was a special colour used for Light Infantry plumes? I've only seen green and red dyes yet; yours being black is new to me.

Any advice appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Giles - Thank you for that kind mention, only too happy to be of help with your wonderful collection.

Sire Godefroy - The della Gatta paintings of Paoli and Germantown show the 2nd Light Infantry wearing black plumes/feathers. This may have been a battalion distinction (to separate it from the 1st LI), but it appears that only at the very end of the war was green considered. The grenadier battalions apparently sported white feathers when they wore their hats rather than the bearskin caps (which were put into storage post-1778). It's perhaps unlikely - though by no means impossible - that the 3rd Light Infantry wore any feathers in 1776, but it allows Giles to use the figures elsewhere.

Brendan Morrissey

Allan (AJ) Wright said...


These are very nice indeed. I've really started to become a believer in black lining after seeing all of your figures. Do you line with a brush or technical pen?


Frostydog said...

Giles, nice work as always. My lights are more early war in caps rather than hats. Interesting comment from Brendan ahout the plumes. With my gaming origins in Napoleonics I had always assumed they would be green. In saying that my lights have black plumes on thier caps except the 23rd which have white.

A great set of figures hope to see more in the new year.


Gunfreak said...

Can you tell me the techniqe you used to get the shadeding on the trousars, I've been trying to copy it on my own AWI figs, but can't get the hang of it.
Also What colors do you use