Saturday, 9 August 2008

Continental casualties

Here are some more casualty figures I painted a couple of weeks ago. I used to base casualty figures on 2-pence pieces, but these larger bases allow for a more scenic and creative approach. The British light infantry hat is a leftover from one of the artillery wagon sets. The tree trunks are from Redoubt Miniatures. I am still busy painting American regiments (the 2nd Pennsylvania is finished and I am working on Henley's Additional), and have benefited from discussions with Ronan and others about what the Continental army of 1776 would probably have looked like. Apparently the 22nd Continental isn't half as scruffy as it should be, so I am thinking about painting another couple of "1776" regiments with a view to deploying them in November's Long Island game.

4 figures. Painted July 2008.


legatushedlius said...

Casualty figures are a puzzle. I think that they look better than knocked over figures in rules like Warhammer historical and some rules (such as The Sword on the Flame) you need to differentiate wounded figures and keep them on the table. But you have to paint extra figures that can't go into a unit.

Full marks to you for doing so.

Tom Semian said...

Casualty figures are like additional terrain pieces. Placing them on the table helps gets rid of the steril playing field,by showing just where the killing grounds are located. I highly recommend them!