Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Civilians (5)

This is another pack of Foundry's 18th century civilians, namely farmers and country folk. For £10 you get five figures and four bushels of wheat, which may or may not be good value. I actually quite like these figures as they will probably be more useful than the urban gentry types I painted earlier. Most AWI battles involve a farm or two and I expect these figures will often be floating around the edges of the table. The wheat blobs are also quite handy for my Touching History wheat/corn fields, one of which the figures are standing in. The figures themselves possess the usual characteristics of this range - huge, oversized hands (look at the hands of the woman carrying the wheat - the right hand is actually bigger than her entire head) and large calves and bottoms. Another particular problem with this range, which I remarked on earlier, is that the metal is extremely strong and quite un-bendable. So when you have a figure like the woman in blue who is leaning forwards, it is impossible to bend the figure back upright. Maybe she's supposed to be a hunchback, but I'd rather she wasn't and it's annoying. I haven't yet acquired the Perry pack of civilians, so I don't know how all these Foundry figures compare specifically to them, but they are a fair bit larger than Perry figures generally.

Incidentally, Foundry are now offering 20% off everything on their website until 5 November, so you can buy this pack for £8; i.e. 50p cheaper than it was before the last round of price-hikes. That clearly makes it better value, although you'll need to buy lots of other stuff to escape being clobbered on postage! Having had a quick perusal of the 18th Century Civilians range, I quite like the look of the smugglers pack - three of the figures will do nicely for militia, whilst I can envisage the chap waving the lantern as someone peering through the mist at Germantown wondering what on earth all that noise is. I might have to buy that pack, if I can find another 9 packs that I want!

5 figures and several bushels of wheat. Painted October 2007.


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to let you know, what great inspiration your blog/work is!!!

Keep it up!


legatushedlius said...


Very rustic. Everyone should have a milkmaid! (so to speak) Might get some to go with my pirates!